Home Theater Installation

Many people don’t realize that the perfect home theater involves a lot more than just hooking up a TV and a speaker system. Flat panel, 4K, HDTVs, surround receivers and other home theater solutions don’t come optimized for the home environment — they come optimized for the bright, loud environment in a retail store. Not only can we calibrate everything to get you the stunning detail and powerful performance you desire, but we can incorporate all of your audio visual solutions into the heart of your home automation services. We’ll configure everything to give you the rich, stunning experience you desire with the ease of use that only comes with home automation.

Automated Shade and Blind Control

Automated shade and blind control solutions offered by Acoustical Vision allow you to truly use your environment to your advantage. Do you hate having to constantly reconfigure your shades and blinds to take into account wherever the harsh sun happens to be at any given moment? With home automation solutions like these, now you don’t have to — shades and blinds can all be controlled via one effortless point of access.

Automated Climate Control

One of the major sources of financial frustration for any homeowner is and will always be monthly utility bills. With our automated climate control solutions, your home can automatically regulate itself — offering a pleasant experience while you and your loved ones are home. Or, you can dial temperatures back when you’re not at home. You won’t just get a great temperature year-round, you’ll save a lot of money each month, too.

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control systems give you the unique ability to create automatic lighting scenes for different areas of your home, all of which can be effortlessly controlled with the push of a button. Do you want to have people over for an evening of fun? Are you planning on doing some quiet reading and want to get the mood just right? Now you can customize your home’s lighting to fit exactly what you want.

Remote Control Systems

Our passionate and experienced team at Acoustical Vision makes having the perfect home theater easier than ever before. Regardless of what type of custom remote control you’re using (be it Savant, URC, RTI or something else entirely) we can create a one-touch operating system that gives you control of your entire system (and indeed, your entire home). You can control everything from the volume on your TV to the lighting in the room — all from the same device.


We can help make your security, cameras and other home protection systems an integral part of your existing home automation solutions. Whether you just want some additional peace of mind or want to use your smartphone to check on your home while you’re on vacation, we can help make that happen.


Regardless of your audio/visual needs, Acoustical Vision is prepared to handle them all. We will work with you to find the best pieces of equipment to help you accomplish your goals; will wire all components for maximum aesthetic value; and will even handle things like remote programming and other calibration needs. We won’t leave until you don’t just have the best audio/visual system that you’ve desired for so long, but until you’re comfortable with how to use it, too.

Whole Home Integration

The cornerstone of home installation solutions is whole home integration. Imagine all of the elements of your home working together to form a living, breathing entity. For example, you could use your smartphone to automatically adjust your thermostat from work; to check on your home via security cameras while you’re away; or even to change the channel on the TV without leaving the couch.

These are the types of benefits that Acoustical Vision can help bring right to your door — literally.