Kitchen Integration and Lighting

Kitchen Integration this has been one of the recent buzzwords when it comes to interior design and appliances. Simply put, kitchen integration is also about creating a smarter space where many of the functions are automated and integrated. It is not only upgrading style, but taking advantage of the latest technologies to increase the functionality of the kitchen integration. It involves integration of appliances and using innovative products, such as smart lighting. Keep reading and learn some of the things that you can do to create an integrated and smart kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting is Where You Start With Kitchen Integration

One of the most important components of any kitchen integration should start with the right lighting. In this case, one that could be considered is the use of Lutron lighting. They have a wide array of products and can serve different purposes. For instance, there are some that are equipped with motion sensors, making the light automatically turn on when there is someone in the kitchen. This is going to be excellent when it comes to energy efficiency. There are also some that are equipped with dimmers, making it possible to create a more relaxing ambiance. Through Lutron lighting, you can make the kitchen an excellent space not only for cooking but even for dining and entertaining guests.

Consider the Layout and Lighting

In a proper kitchen integration, the layout is also important to be given emphasis. The concept of a work triangle has been popular since the 1950s and is still considered as one of the most sensible ways to design the kitchen. The triangle connects the fridge, the sink, and the cook top in its three legs. This is going to improve efficiency in the kitchen, especially when it comes to ease of movement. Make sure, as well, that the cabinets are positioned in such a way that the available space is maximized, while being able to provide you with easy access to the things that will be needed for cooking.

Create a Seamless Look

Having a smart kitchen is more than just the integration of technology, but also creating an aesthetically-pleasing design. With an integrated kitchen, you will be able to create a seamless look that is surely going to captivate the attention of your guests. It is all about creating fronts for the kitchen appliances to match your cabinetry. For instance, the dishwasher or the fridge can be concealed with the use of doors that are similar to your kitchen cabinets. This will create a trendier space and sophisticated design for a streamlined appeal. You should also exert effort in choosing the right material and design of the countertop, as this is going to complement the look of the integrated appliances.