Get Striking Images & High-Quality Sound With A Custom Home Theater

Leather home theater seating in two rows within a room featuring blue walls and gray carpeting.

Feel Total Immersion in Your Favorite Movies With a Custom Home Theater 

Imagine a space in your home dedicated entirely to entertainment, where you can sit back and choose your favorite movie, sport or series to enjoy with high-quality audio and unsurpassed video. If you would like to install a custom home theater for your Elmhurst, IL home, we can help! 

Turn that designated space in your home into a true home theater with immersive sound, custom seating and vivid images that will transport you right in the middle of the action. Read on to learn more about the benefits of installing a home theater tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

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modern patio with fireplace, lounge chairs and outdoor entertainment system

Learn The Benefits of Upgrading Your Oak Park, IL Outdoor Entertainment System

As summer approaches in Oak Park, IL, our daily activities shift, and we spend more time outside our homes. Thinking about moving the activities to your backyard is the perfect time to ask yourself if your outdoor entertainment system is up to date and in top shape to deliver you and your family the enjoyment you are looking for. An updated entertainment system will transform your Oak Park, IL backyard into a space suitable for many hours of relaxing, entertaining, and having fun with family and friends. Continue reading to learn about the benefits and solutions available to upgrade your outdoor entertainment system.

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3 Surprising Things an Alarm.com Home Security System Can Do


Make the Most of Smart Home Security for Better Peace of Mind 

Home security has gone next level. Instead of surveying the aftermath of a situation and doing damage control, with smart home security, you can get ahead of potential incidents to prevent them from happening in the first place. 

When you implement a smart home security system like Alarm.com into your Hinsdale, IL home, which ties everything from cameras to lights to door locks and more into one intuitive platform, you’ll experience improved peace of mind like never before. Discover the possibilities below. 

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How to Save Energy with Smart Lighting Control


The Right Lighting Control Solution Optimizes Your Energy Savings

We live in a time where more and more people are conscious of their impact on the environment. Evidence can be seen in the efforts to construct and operate buildings in a more energy-efficient way. Many homes are becoming greener as homeowners implement energy-efficient technology solutions, such as smart heating and cooling systems and motorized window shades that can help reduce their energy use and carbon footprint.

One thing that most homeownersdon’t realize is that lighting can be the most significant energy drainer in the home. But with a smartlighting control system, you can mitigate this wastewith energy-efficient LED bulbs, lighting schedules, and remote access management. Keep reading to learn more about the energy-saving benefits of lighting control for your Chicago, IL home.

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How a Home Security System Keeps Your Home Safe This Holiday Season


A Home Security System Makes for Safe Holiday Travels

With the advancement of smart home technology, it’s easier than ever to see how the many potential benefits for our daily lives. And perhaps there is none greater than the benefit of a home security system.

Going away for the holidays? Using motion detection technology and remote monitoring systems, Acoustical Vision will install a home security system that lets you know everything that’s going on in and around your home, no matter if you’re just across town in Oak Brook, IL, or a thousand miles away.

Clients of Acoustical Vision can rest easy this holiday season when they’re visiting friends and family knowing that our home security systems are providing 24-hour protection for their home.

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