If you’re remodeling an existing home or office, or building a new one, you’ve probably already put a lot of planning into all aspects of your new space. You want to know that every detail is exactly where you want it to be, right down to the light switches. What you may not have thought about, however, is planning for the audio/visual aspects of those spaces. Times have changed. The days when installing a TV meant finding a spot in front of the couch for it and plugging it in are over. Today’s audio/visual systems are more sophisticated and complex than anything else. The rise of home automation means technology isn’t just an add-on to a finished room anymore. The room isn’t finished without technology, and Acoustical Vision has the experience to help you complete it.

The True Experts

When you work with Acoustical Vision at the beginning of your new construction planning, we can direct our expertise into determining the best way to integrate audio/visual and home automation technology into the plan. No matter the size and scope of the technology you wish to incorporate, you will need an expert to plan for the installation of that technology that will be as unobtrusive as possible. Ultimately, fitting seamlessly into the look and layout of your new space.

Waiting until after the work is done to try to implement whole-home automation for your new construction or add audio/visual to your new construction can result in major headaches for you and the installer. For example, the electrical systems that have already been installed may not be adequate for the needs of your new system. Walls might not have enough space for the HDTV you want to install. The dimensions of a room may not provide the optimal acoustics for the audio system you wanted. All of these problems can be avoided, provided you contact Acoustical Vision to plan for those elements well in advance. Our experience with home theater installations, home automation systems and distributed audio/video means we are well-versed in the requirements of the most modern technology. We leverage that experience to coordinate the installation of these systems with contractors.

Complete Service

As a family-owned company, we stand behind our work because we won’t install anything we wouldn’t want in our own homes. That means we will develop an audio/visual or home automation plan for your new home or office that is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and provide the best possible experience for you after it is installed. Acoustical Vision installs equipment from the finest manufacturers in the world. The technical expertise we bring to each project is unparalleled in the industry. We’re your primary source for home automation or audio/visual services for renovations or new construction.

Don’t wait until your new construction or remodeling project is complete before you start thinking about your audio/visual needs. Contact Acoustical Vision today and get the process started to future-proof your home.