Features of a Smart Condo Integration

Smart Condo Integration in Chicago is now on the rise as developers seek to offer their clients the latest in smart home technology. Smart condos offer interesting possibilities with their innovative automation systems which makes it very appealing for many consumers. Below are some of the main features of Savant control systems to show you just how condo automation can benefit the users.

Savant Control Systems

Savant is one of the leading companies dealing in smart home automation, with the most sleek and elegant technology. Simple, intuitive, and simple, Savant control uses the existing software technology to offer users the ease of using a more familiar interface thatmanages a complex system. After installing this system in your connected condos, you only need to sign in and start using the app.

Managing a Smart Condo Integration Through an App

To complement the sophisticated and sleek looking Savant control systems, the True Control App was created to make it convenient and pleasant to control the home. Using the app, you can view the status of the entire condo at a glance, as well as set up custom quick-access controls that represent your lifestyle and preferences. From the app, you can monitor shade control, lighting, thermostats, entertainment, home security, and audio systems. All this is seamlessly done from the app through programming the condo to fit your unique needs.

With smart condos, you also get notifications in real-time about any visitors and alarms. What makes it even more impressive is that you can program each room with its own distinctive settings. When new preferences or favorites are added, both the remotes and app sync automatically. This way each member of a family using the Savant control systems can create their own profile that contains their preferred settings.

Connected Condos Offer Better Home Security

Savant control systems offers several home security options that allow for controlling the system both at home and remotely. Through a smartphone, you can do shade control, set alarms, and also lock all the doors in the condo. Settings that show the house is lived-in for extra security when the residents are away can evenbe created. Security can be accessed remotely by the owner to ensure everything is in good shape.

Lighting and Climate Control of Smart Condos

Connected condos put the users in full control of all the lights installed both inside and outside the condos. Lighting can be programmed to either turn on or off, depending on the time of day. In addition to shade control, the system can even turn off the light in any empty room, thus saving resources. Individual users in the condo can also set their preferred climate control settings for their rooms.
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