Remote Control Systems

Are you tired of fumbling with multiple programs, light switches and touch pads just to get your home set up for the day? At Acoustical Vision, we believe that home automation starts with the right control. That’s why we offer home automation controls and home remote control systems that allow you to manage your home and your home’s entertainment systems conveniently.

What Is a Home Remote System?

A home remote system is a structure that gives you remote control over specific systems within your house, such as home entertainment, lighting, sound and more. A remote control system can be either a single-programmed handheld remote, multiple in-room keypads or even a handheld touchscreen. The goal of the remote home automation control panel is to give you one location to control multiple features of your home.

Types of Home Remote Systems from Acoustical Vision

For many Chicago-area homeowners, the main goal of their remote control is to power their entertainment systems. What was once a simple task has become increasingly complex with the advent of the home theater and addition of streaming services and new devices. Now, not only do you need to turn on the television, but you also need to access your gaming system, sound system, computer connection and more, all using remote controls. The sheer number of remotes can quickly become overwhelming.
Eliminate the confusion of multiple-button pushes on several remotes. With one of our Universal Remote Controls programmed to your exact needs, all it takes is one button to power your entire system. With another button, the device you want to watch is playing — with surround sound optimized for that application. With the help of Acoustical Vision, it really can be that simple.

We offer more than just remotes that operate your home entertainment system. We can help you create a remote or touch screen to manage your blinds, home comfort systems, lighting and even kitchen appliances. With the help of the skilled team at Acoustical Vision, you can basically put your home on auto pilot.

Choose Acoustical Vision for Your Home Remote Control Systems

If you need help programming and planning your home automation controls, trust Acoustical Vision for top-notch assistance and consultation. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation throughout Chicago on our strong work ethic, honesty and excellent craftsmanship.

As a family-operated, local business, Acoustical Vision takes pride in the work we perform. Because we focus our efforts entirely on home automation services, we are able to provide expert advice and service in this niche. Our company is fully insured, and we place a lifetime warranty on our work.

Are you ready to get started on personalizing your remote control systems? Contact Acoustical Vision today, and let us help you create the home remote system you need to make your Chicago home as convenient and enjoyable as possible.