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4K: A Great Thing in Home Entertainment


Learn why you need a 4K projector for your home theater and media room

4K technology converts your family room into a media room. Anyone can have a complete movie experience right in the comfort of their home with luxurious and crispy picture quality. Compared to the traditional 1080p, the UHD has at least 8,000,000 pixels of resolution, higher contrast, and colors. We recommend a Sony projector for all of your 4K needs. This article will serve as your buying guide to create a 4K home theater with a 4K projector in Forest Park, IL.


4K Movie Screen

The association of the Ultra HD has upgraded the resolution that consumers should look for in their technology from 1080p to 2160p. The improved density in moving pixels enhances the realism and the details of the image. This enables the viewer to watch the picture at a closer distance without the image becoming pixelated. There is also an HDR (High Dynamic Range) that enriches the details in the picture, such as the highlight, the color, and the shadow.

The customary TV has its LED lights on its edge, but a 4K movie screen contains LED zones in every area of the UHD TV, enhancing the level of black and brightness on the image. The wide selection of hues also allows it to reproduce more colors than 1080p. This is made possible through the quantum dots that are installed in the panel.

4K Projectors

For a full cinematic viewing experience without compromising on picture quality, we recommend a Sony 4K projector. When shopping for a projector, be sure to check the amount of the lumens present in the gear. The higher the lumens, the better it will be. You are looking for a minimum of 2,000 lumens to give you rich and crispy images in a well-lighted room.

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