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Outdoor audio will enhance your property and allow you to enjoy your favorite music outdoors. Contact Acoustical Vision to learn more!

4 Ways to Improve Audio Quality in Your Backyard

When you bring a speaker outside, does it sound tinny and quiet, despite how it sounds indoors? It’s time to upgrade your outdoor audio. Here’s four tips for superior audio in Oak Brook, IL.

Make Every Day a Party with High-End Outdoor Audio

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your favorite songs outside with the same sound quality that you enjoy indoors? But all too often, our portable speakers can hardly reach across the lawn without requiring you to crank the volume. The sound quality on most portable speakers is tinny and thin, lacking the details that feel so powerful when you listen on indoor speakers. 

Many homeowners try to blast their garage or porch speakers in hopes that they’ll be heard at the other end of the yard. But the deafening sound is uncomfortable for anyone near the stereo and may not create as far a range as you’d hope. 

If this is your experience, it sounds like it’s time to upgrade your outdoor audio! With the right equipment and installation tactics, you can install weatherproof speakers across your lawn that deliver high-fidelity sound year-round. 

Here’s how to get the best sound in your Oak Brook, IL backyard!  

What To Consider When Selecting The Perfect Rooftop Speakers


Pick the perfect outdoor audio system for your Elmhurst home with these tips

To transform your rooftop space into an audio haven, you will need to get the right rooftop speakers. Blasting your indoor speakers to get the sound to cover an outdoor space is inconvenient for you and your neighbors. With the right outdoor speakers, you can enjoy the best audio experience without being a nuisance. Rooftop speakers, like other outdoor audio systems, differ from regular indoor speakers because they are weatherproof and mountable on a variety of surfaces. As such, they can be installed in an appropriate arrangement to cover your entire space and will survive over an extended period exposed to outdoor weather elements.

Now let’s look at some of the main considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the best rooftop speakers in Elmhurst, IL.

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