How to Ensure a Successful Integrated Kitchen Remodel


Get the most out of your kitchen rehab in Elmhurst, IL

The kitchen is the cornerstone of every home. We spend a lot of time there, so having a modern, functional, and welcoming kitchen is extremely important. If you've decided it is time to renovate and remodel your old and cumbersome kitchen, there are a number of factors you should consider in order to ensure you are thrilled with your new integrated kitchen remodel in Elmhurst, IL.


Take Time To Carefully Plan

With proper planning, you will reduce the likelihood that problems arise during construction for your integrated kitchen remodel; you will also be able to prevent future inconveniences and be more likely to stay within your budget. In fact, the planning period should take longer than the actual construction. Carefully consider what your existing kitchen has to offer, what it lacks, and how it can be improved. Don’t forget to measure how wide the doorway to your kitchen is; you don’t want to spend a small fortune on an extra-large refrigerator that you can’t even fit through the door.

Know the Precise Location Of Every Electrical Outlet

Think about all of the appliances you will want in your new kitchen, and where you plan to situate them. It is vital to know how many electrical outlets you will need to ensure your kitchen is wired correctly. Installing an outlet behind a kitchen cabinet will render it useless, so carefully consider where your cabinetry, furniture, and major appliances will be located in your new kitchen. This will allow your electrician to prewire the precise location of your electric outlets. To be on the safe side, consider adding a couple of extra outlets.

Additional Features For An Integrated Kitchen Remodel

The vast majority of people spend a lot of time preparing food, cooking, and eating, so it makes sense to enhance the ambiance of your kitchen during a remodel. Cooking is fun, but the whole experience can become even more enjoyable if your lighting, sound system, and environment are more appealing. Every moment you spend in your renovated kitchen should be spectacular, so consider adding extra features and upgrades before you begin construction.

Constant Communication Is Key

Constant communication with your integrated kitchen rehab team is vital, both before and after the project starts. Ensure that the workers know what you want out of the project, and regularly stop by during construction. Consider hanging a message board on-site for the project manager to leave a message for the crew. Remember that this is your home. Set the rules; if smoking or loud music is something you want to avoid, let the team know about it ahead of time.


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