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Improve Student Engagement with This Smart Classroom Tech


Video Calls, Interactive Whiteboards, and More Offer a New Approach to Learning

Education should never be a passive task. Designing smart classrooms is all about creating new ways for students to engage with each other, teachers, and guests. Since learning is happening in an interactive environment, it allows for a deeper collective understanding for the entire class. It allows for peers to see how they each learn differently while reinforcing the ideas introduced during your lectures. Examine the tech preparations that will help you create the classroom of the future in your Oak Park, IL, campus.

Interactive Whiteboards

The number one tool for any smart classroom is an interactive whiteboard. These are available as typical whiteboards or as tabletop displays. Share a wide range of educational resources with visuals proven to connect with students much more than a purely oral presentation. You’ll be able to make annotations as you present to the class and then save the final product to share with students.

Everyone can participate since these boards allow for multiple people to interact with them simultaneously. Additionally, through wireless sharing technology, others will be able to broadcast their projects on the whiteboard with a simple button press. No more wasting vital minutes between presentations as students set up. 

Conferencing Systems

Subject matter often varies wildly during a typical school year, with even the most accomplished of teachers unable to provide in-depth expertise on every topic. A lot of schools are incorporating high-performance video conferencing systems to connect students with people from around the world. Not only will students get to speak with them face to face, but they’ll be able to work directly with them through the classroom’s interactive whiteboards. Design curricula with this technology in mind and think of the ways guest lecturers could expand your students’ knowledge base and cultural exposure.

Recording Equipment

Recording or streaming lectures is a great way to include students who can't make it to class while building a collection of training materials. Equip your classroom with high-end cameras and microphones to pick up lectures and contributions from your students. In specific class settings, these are also useful learning tools for students to gauge their improvement throughout the year.

Control Solution

With so many features available in your smart classroom, you’ll need an intuitive way to manage it all. Are you trying to switch from a conference call to an interactive presentation? How do you choose if you want to record or stream a lecture? Never waste precious minutes trying to set up your technology with an integrated control solution that lets you manage everything from a dedicated tablet or computer.

Network Foundation

Before being able to reap the benefits of all these features, you’ll need to create a strong networking foundation for your classroom. Everything –from your whiteboard to your lecture stream—will be competing for bandwidth. Our IT experts will optimize your network performance with enterprise-grade equipment and design. There will be no dead spots or lagging to get in the way of your lectures at the worst possible times.


Embrace the future of education with the best in smart technology. Reach out to our team to see which of our classroom features are the best fit for your school. To set up a meeting, give us a call at 708-705-9665 or fill out our contact form.

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