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What You Need To Know When Installing Outdoor Speakers


Take these things into consideration when installing speakers on your Elmhurst, IL property

Having some cool backyard music paired with the correct outdoor speakers can be the best way to relax, especially when you want to spend time outdoors. Consider how outdoor kitchens and landscaping have become more popular because people are spending more time outside. However, what happens if you have a cool outdoor party with swimming, chilling, and grilling, but all the audio gear is still inside the house?

Investing in outdoor entertainment is very practical, as it will save you from having to relocate your indoor audio system whenever you want sound outside. If you are planning your own audio paradise with outdoor speakers in your Elmhurst-area backyard, here are some things to consider.



Outdoor Speakers

When it comes to outdoor speakers, avoid going for cheap Bluetooth speakers designed to replace boom boxes of the past. Even though they are convenient, they are a massive letdown in moving from an amazing indoor sound system to several tiny speakers for your backyard. You should look for quality weatherproof speakers that range from in-wall models and rock-shaped speakers to in-ground speakers.

Correct Positioning for Optimal Sound

Deciding where to place outdoor speakers and wires can be much trickier than indoor speakers. Sound can either travel not far enough or too far into your neighbor's yard when you are outside. Thus, placement must be well-thought-out to ensure the music is evenly spread across the backyard. Place your speakers to face the house so that the sound is directed towards the house and not away; this way, every person can hear the backyard music at an identical level. In addition, adding subwoofers is also recommended.

Audio Zones

Having several audio zones in the backyard can be quite helpful. This is particularly essential in a yard with several compartments, such as a cooking area and a pool area. You can install weatherproof speakers in the same zone. People in the seating area may want a higher volume than the BBQ. The key is making the backyard music more enjoyable and fun for everyone.


 Are you ready to install an outdoor speaker system in Elmhurst? Acoustical Vision can help you establish an environmental control system and more. Give us a call at 708-705-9665 or fill out our online contact form to get started today!

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