Why Is Construction Prewiring So Important for Your Smart Home?


We’ll Discuss How Prewiring Lays a Foundation, Adds Flexibility and Avoids Hassle

You’ve recently decided it’s time to build a home in Elmhurst, Illinois. You’ve done some of the hard work of shopping neighborhoods, looking at school districts and coordinating the perfect blueprint design with your architect. But when it comes to building your home, you have more to consider before settling in, especially if you want an efficient, scalable and reliable smart home configuration.

Construction prewiring, much like home plumbing fixtures, can save you a lot of hassle when crossed off your list as early as possible. For instance, when was the last time you renovated a kitchen or a bathroom? Those tasks are costly, painstaking and time-consuming. Prewiring ensures a smoother-running network that brings you faster connectivity and more robust security tools - not to mention the connectivity needed to boost your indoor and outdoor entertainment. If you’re ready to learn more, we give you a few convincing reasons to prioritize construction prewiring below.


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Enjoy Smoother Data Transmission

When you start building the home of your dreams, you get to design everything to your exact specifications. You probably don’t want to hold back on your smart home’s size, automation perks or AV features. While you’re scheming up the ideal residence, though, remember that all of these solutions, especially when operating simultaneously, require a great deal of bandwidth.

If you have a large property or family, you’ll likely notice that several people might stream Netflix or music apps at once. A wired network makes this possible by giving you enough access points to stream as much content as you want, without stealing bandwidth from other sources. Also, wiring your network gives you nearly foolproof data security and lets you ditch the unsightly wireless routers.


Prewire Your Security

Some security and surveillance tools work more reliably when wired. The last thing you want to risk with any security tool is potential failure when you least expect, due to a lapse in network connection. We can use PoE (Power over Ethernet) cabling to power your cameras and transmit the network’s footage.


Don’t Forget Entertainment, Including Outdoor AV

Wireless AV grows more sophisticated every year, but sometimes, you can’t outshine the ultra-high-definition processing capabilities of a wired setup. When working with audio video distribution, we highly recommend hard-wiring devices into the network to support faster streaming.

Do you plan to listen to music in every room of your new home? It’s best to start the wiring process before the walls go up so that you can enjoy discreet, in-wall and in-ceiling devices without opening the drywall later.

Wiring is even more crucial if you plan to enjoy entertainment outside. Your indoor access points probably won’t extend a sufficient signal to give you reliable outdoor AV access, so let us know now if you want to accommodate outdoor audio and video. With spring and baseball season on the horizon, you couldn’t pick a more opportune time to expand your network and AV capabilities to include these features.


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