Discover the latest security solutions for your Elmhurst home 

Having a reliable security system should be top of mind when thinking about your home. Security can go beyond just having locks on every door of your home. Nowadays, you can enjoy wide-ranging, advanced security solutions that give you peace of mind no matter where you are in the world. With smart security, you can enjoy customized security solutions that you can access from your smartphone or tablet, even when you’re not at home.

Before you build a home security system for your Illinois home, here’s some background information you should know — along with top security brands to consider. 

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When building your home security system, a crucial element you’ll have to think about is whether you want a wired or wireless system. Each has its pros and cons, and whichever you choose will depend on your wants and needs.

Wired home security systems are more consistent in performance than wireless ones. A wired system would utilize wires in your home to get your various devices communicating together. Along with greater reliability when it comes to signal strength and speed, you also don’t have to worry about charging devices or replacing their batteries.

Wireless systems are easier to set up. They involve choosing a spot for your control panel and then placing corresponding cameras and sensors wherever you’d like; if you want to move them, it’s a simple process.

Both wired and wireless systems can connect to a smart home system and your smartphone, meaning you can access your home’s security devices at all times.

This makes it effortless to monitor your home remotely. If you want to deactivate an alarm or check who’s at your front door through your phone, you can do that with either system. 

Whether wired or wireless, your system will only be as good as its components and overall design. That is why we recommend working with a professional for your security needs. Below are some of our go-to brands when it comes to designing comprehensive security solutions for our clients.


DSC is a leader in the security industry, and its PowerSeries Neo is an excellent security system for your home. The PowerSeries Neo is a hybrid system — it has the flexibility of a wired system, but also offers simplicity through wireless devices. Their security solutions allow for up to 128 wireless and hardwired zones and can connect to Control4’s home automation technology. Through their integration with Control4, you automate your security system and connect it to your whole smart home system.


ELK is a leading designer and manufacturer of customized home security and offers a great range of security products. Their ELK-319DG is an all-weather door and gate sensor that is built to withstand the elements and be placed on your swing gates or doors. Another product is their key fob, such as the ELK-319KF1 — which is a wireless single button handheld device that can be used for a police, medical, or auxiliary panic alarm activation. 


Honeywell is well-known in the home security industry, and some of its offerings include entry sensors, motion sensors, motion detectors, and key fobs. Their Smart Home Security Base station has intuitive features and built-in Amazon Alexa for voice commands. It’ll notify you when a family member returns home or if there’s movement in your backyard, along with video footage you can access from anywhere. 


Renowned for their comprehensive offerings and ease-of-use, Alarm.Com is one of our preferred security partners. Keep your home protected with their wide array of cameras, sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors. Get added peace of mind by integrating their remote monitoring services. Once an alarm is set off, an alert is sent to a central monitoring station where certified specialists coordinate a response with local authorities. You’ll be able to check in on your security system and surveillance footage at any time using their mobile app or by integrating your Alarm.com devices into your existing Control4 smart home system.


Our team at Acoustical Vision is here to help you improve the security of your home. We’re licensed by the state of Illinois as a private alarm contractor agency, and we’re proud to offer the top security products we covered in this blog. Let’s connect — reach out to us through our online contact form!



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