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How to Save Energy with Smart Lighting Control


The Right Lighting Control Solution Optimizes Your Energy Savings

We live in a time where more and more people are conscious of their impact on the environment. Evidence can be seen in the efforts to construct and operate buildings in a more energy-efficient way. Many homes are becoming greener as homeowners implement energy-efficient technology solutions, such as smart heating and cooling systems and motorized window shades that can help reduce their energy use and carbon footprint.

One thing that most homeownersdon’t realize is that lighting can be the most significant energy drainer in the home. But with a smartlighting control system, you can mitigate this wastewith energy-efficient LED bulbs, lighting schedules, and remote access management. Keep reading to learn more about the energy-saving benefits of lighting control for your Chicago, IL home.

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A Big Contributor to Your Energy Bill

Light can be such a huge factor in your energy bill because it doesn't just use electricity. It also creates heat that must be mitigated with your other most considerable energy drain: your HVAC system. In this way, your lighting can work against your cooling system and cost you more money. However, by connecting your house lights to a centralized control system, you have the power to adjust your lighting using a mobile appWhether you’re home or away, you can instantly turn off lighting in any area of your home that isn’t being used instead of making rounds throughout the house to check on roomsclosets, and hallways for left-on lights.

Let’s Talk About Bulbs

By now, everyone is familiar with LEDs, butthey may not be getting the full credit they deserve. By comparison to incandescent bulbs and fluorescents, LEDs emit virtually no heat and can save hundreds of kilowatt-hours each month in a building. Today’s LED bulbs and fixtures have come a long way from the harsh blue task lighting of first-generation LEDs. Now they boast vast spectrum of color temperatures. In fact, they have so much variability that they can create lighting designs that their predecessors could not. They are also incredibly compatible with control systems and last longer than traditional bulbsYou don’t have to worry about changing light bulbs often and can spend more time creating the lighting designs you desire.

More Than Just Turning Lights On and Off

There are many ways a lighting control system can work to save you money that goes beyond switching to LEDsOne of the most straightforward solutions is dimmers. These can be placed on just about any switch, but with a lighting control system like Lutron, you can control the dimming level remotely. Dimming gives you many options for room ambiance while also saving electricity, making it a smart lighting control option. You can also schedule your lightingto turn on and off in various areas of the home at certain times of the day. This solution is great if you are going out of town, hosting a party, or just want your lights to come on before you pull up in your driveway each evening.

Using lighting controls can save energy and money on your electrical bills. Use the live chat below to speak with a home automation expert at Acoustical Vision about installing lighting controls for your home or fill out our contact page to receive more information!

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